Art of Freedom
Group exhibition

Mladen Bundalo • Vanessa Chyi • Adán De La Garza • DUNE • Paulo Fajardo • Yolanda García Morales • Shouichi Iwamoto • Jennifer S. Lange • Antje Lindner • Manuela Mordhorst • Yu Chin Tseng • Claire Walka

29 October - 18 November 2021
CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium
Lavagna, Italy

CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium was born on one side for the need to guide collectors and lovers with a vision that is attentive and directly involved in the art world, which today has deeply mutated for the social, economical and technological epochal changes, and on the other side to follow meaningful artists and make them grow their personal paths, promoting exhibitions coherent to the international artistic panorama that could grasp, create and anticipate the contemporary expression, beside dealing with human and social fundamental thematics to prevail over the futility and leave meaningful testimonies of our times.