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By will of the art director Abramo ‘Tepes’ Montini, the CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium promotes art and culture creating or proposing themes, contents, critical essays, publications and organising art exhibitions of nomadic, extemporary and occasional character that were held in public and private venues or exhibition rooms, which are announced each time in the relative exhibition pages.


CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium was born on one side for the need to guide collectors and lovers with a vision that is attentive and directly involved in the art world, which today has deeply mutated for the social, economical and technological epochal changes, and on the other side to follow meaningful artists and make them grow their personal paths, promoting exhibitions coherent to the international artistic panorama that could grasp, create and anticipate the contemporary expression, beside dealing with human and social fundamental thematics to prevail over the futility and leave meaningful testimonies of our times.

For the artists

CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium is an independent gallery offering to motivated artists the chance to grow without expressive restrictions, to build one's own way in the international artistic panorama, promoting either collective and thematic or solo exhibits, examining and valorising individual poetics.

Moreover the Observatory has a particular interest in freedom of expression, without which art doesn't play the modern role of "social yeast", by not hindering but rather supporting the exhibition of artworks without conditionings, that other institutionalised entities driven by interests can't or don't want to propose.

Open submissions

Spontaneous submissions for solo, double-solo or group exhibitions are accepted: you may send preliminary informations (web links / portfolio / CV / pictures / etc.) via , even related to the next exhibitions listed below.

Future exhibitions

TransHumance - Group exhibition - late 2022 / early 2023

Escapism - Group exhibition - late 2022 / early 2023